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At 3Rockhoppers, our mission is to create cohesive, practical, and effective solutions. Our team is versed in every aspect of modern website development from design to content management, and is able to provide unparalleled quality and attention to detail.




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Julie Armstrong Co-Founder

Julie Ogden has been developing on both the front end and back end of websites since the late 1990s, and has extensive experience working with complex data structures in SQL and other structured databases.

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Michael Armstrong Co-Founder

Park co-founded 3Rockhoppers with Julie Ogden in the 1990s, and ever since has been working in the enterprise software space. These days, he primarily focuses on consulting and exploring the possibilities of machine learning in the modern workspace.

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Ralph Virens Lead Designer

Ralph joined the company in 2013, and has helped usher in a new perspective on modern website design. Whether it's a model-view-controller based backend, or a simple HTML framework, he excels at bringing practical solutions to design problems.

Front-End Services Design and Implementation


From wireframes to full mockups, our team is able to provide comprehensive design services. We use industry standard tools to deliver efficient designs that accurately communicate your message, all while staying on-brand and on-budget.


Our team of developers has decades of experience in designing user interfaces, and our interactive process makes sure that the end result perfectly matches your vision, without compromising on accessibility.


If you already have a design that you love, we're fully capable of updating and rewriting the code base to comply with modern standards. Whether you're looking to bring a mobile interface to an existing site, or just improve loading times, we offer a variety of services to match.

Back-End Services Data and Security


Whether you're deploying a new database or designing a new one, we're experienced with it all. From unstructured databases like Mongo to classic SQL databases, our team can help you design and implement the database that best fits your project.


From serializing and verifying user input to hashing and salting user data such as passwords, it's important that your website stay safe and secure. Our team is experienced designing federally compliant websites and intranet systems, so you can be sure your data is as safe as possible.


Our team recognizes that part of having a great back end is reliability, so we offer a variety of services to help you design and deploy reliable, fast, and cost-effective storage solutions to handle all your data.

System Analysis Hardware and Software

Hardware Deployment

From massive enterprise systems to small business servers, our team is skilled at designing and deploying modern server deployments for a variety of tasks ranging from data storage to web deployment to rendering farms.


Setting up an efficient network can be incredibly confusing, and small mistakes can often lead to a slow, unresponsive, and bloated network experience. Our team is well versed at analyzing and simulating network traffic to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.


Our United States based team has a plethora of experience writing and creating technical documents and presentations, making sure that your employees have all the tools they need to succeed and thrive. Whether you're writing documentation for an intranet process or training employees on your systems hardware, our team can help.


Feel free to reach out to schedule a virtual consultation by emailing us at contact@3rockhoppers.com.

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